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Quick Palm Treatment Guide

Manganese Deficiency

Palms with new emerging leaves that are yellowed, reduced in leaf size, or show a "frizzled" look.

Use: Lutz Manganese Spikes

Magnesium Deficiency

Problem: Palms that show yellowing at the edges of the older leaves while the center band stays green

Use: Lutz Magnesium Spikes

Potassium Deficiency

Problem: Palms showing yellow, orange or brown flecks with necrotic margins and weathering of older leaves.

Use: Lutz Potassium Spikes


Lutz Corporation has been manufacturing the highest quality Palm Tree Spikes for nearly 25 years. We use only the highest quality nutrients, in far higher percentages, than other fertilizer spikes.

Lutz Palm Spikes have been specifically formulated to effectively feed and fertilize all types of Palms and their common deficiencies. Our Lutz Palm Spikes have proven unmatched in their ability to restore and maintain healthy, vibrant, green growth in all Palms. We make specific Spikes for Manganese, Magnesium, and Potassium deficiencies, as well as our most popular Spike, the Lutz Maintenance Spike, which also contains Iron, Copper, and Sulfur.

Lutz Tree Spikes are the simple, long lasting way to feed and fertilize all trees and shrubs. All of our Lutz Tree Spikes contain vital nutrients, including Sulfur, which lowers pH, and is critical in making all of the macro and micro nutrients available to the tree or shrub.

Simply check your product labels and you will find the quality and quantity of nutrients in our Lutz Spikes are unparalleled. That is why Lutz Spikes work so well.

Thank you, and best of health to your trees,

Users of Lutz Fertilizer Spikes say...

"The Lutz Palm Tree Spikes saved my 3 Queen Palms."
Joanna R. Forgie
Phoenix, AZ

"I tried a lot of 'juices' for about 2-3 years to help this Pin Oak out but it only got worse every spring/year and feared it would die. Nursery said there was nothing we could do for it - yea right - but your stuff did the trick."

"The two Silver Maples that have only been fed Lutz Manganese Spikes for the last two years are the hardiest robust Maples I’ve seen in my 32 years as State Forester."
George Poe
Oregon, IL

"Hong Kong Orchid Tree: this tree's leaves got yellower and lost them all. We used Lutz Iron Spikes after talking to Mr. Lutz. He said the new growth would be perfect. Voila!"
Mary Ellis
Surprise, AZ

Martha Stewart recommends Lutz Super Citrus TabletsMartha Stewart Recommends Lutz Super Citrus Tablets!

"I use Lutz Citrus Tablets on my citrus plants"

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Manganese Spike
Manganese Spike20% Mn Sulfate
16% Sulfur
Magnesium Spike
Magnesium Spike12% Mg Sulfate
20% Sulfur
Potassium Spike
Potassium Spike20% Potassium
7% Magnesium
16% Sulfur
Maintenance Spike For Maintaining Healthy Palms
Maintenance Spike For Maintaining Healthy Palms6% Manganese Sulfate
6% Magnesium Sulfate
6% Potassium Nitrate
10% Sulfur
Assorted Spikes
Assorted SpikesCombine 5-packs
Ultra Tree Micro Spike
Ultra Tree Micro Spike8-4-8 Spike with
13% Sulfur
4.5% Magnesium Sulfate
2.8% Manganese Sulfate
1% Copper Sulfate
1% Iron Sulfate
.05% Boron
.05% Zinc Sulfate
The Perfect Spike General Purpose Tree and Shrub
The Perfect Spike General Purpose Tree and Shrub8-10-10 Tree/Shrub Spike
4.3% Sulfur
3.3% Iron Sulfate
3.2% Manganese Sulfate
Iron Chlorosis Spike
Iron Chlorosis Spike16% Iron Sulfate
4.8% Sulfur
Super Citrus Spike
Super Citrus Spike8-4-8 Spike with
13% Sulfur
4.5% Magnesium Sulfate
2.8% Manganese Sulfate
1% Copper Sulfate
1% Iron Sulfate
.05% Boron
.05% Zinc Sulfate
Zinc Spike
Zinc Spike2-7-7 Spike
22% Zinc Sulfate
9.7% Sulfur
Landscaper Pack - Tree & Shrub
Landscaper Pack - Tree & Shrub15-10-9 Spike with
15% Nitrogen
10% Phosphate
9% Potassium
10% Sulfur
Landscaper Pack - Evergreen
Landscaper Pack - Evergreen12-10-10 Spike with
12% Nitrogen
10% Phosphate
10% Potassium
9% Sulfur
Landscaper Pack - Fruit & Citrus
Landscaper Pack - Fruit & Citrus8-18-18 Spike with
8% Nitrogen
18% Phosphate
19% Potassium
1.5% Sulfur
Fast Feeder Installation Tool
Fast Feeder Installation ToolMakes spike application quick and easy
Iron Chlorosis Tablet
Iron Chlorosis Tablet30% Iron Sulfate
20% Sulfur
Super Citrus Tablet
Super Citrus Tablet8-4-8 Tablet with
13% Sulfur
4.5% Magnesium Sulfate
2.8% Manganese Sulfate
1% Copper Sulfate
1% Iron Sulfate
.05% Boron
.05% Zinc Sulfate
Organic Green Tablet
Organic Green Tablet12-8-8 Tablet with